Hälsning från Wiens borgmästare

Wienerbal 2024

En hälsning från Wiens borgmästare
Grussworte des Bürgermeisters von Wien



“Everybody waltz!” around the world


Vienna is the world capital of music and has been home to classical music composers such as Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart as well as to pop and rock musicians such as Falco, who gained worldwide fame with his number one song “Rock Me Amadeus”.


Vienna is also the dance and ball capital of the world. The dance music composed by the Strauss family traditionally forms the musical prelude to the "Happy New Year" greeting at the New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic, which is broadcast worldwide from the Golden Hall of the Musikverein concert hall.


“Everybody waltz!” is also the motto of Vienna’s renowned Opera Ball. The pure enjoyment of dance and ball events has inspired the whole world. In 2024, more than 35 Viennese Balls are held in many countries around the world and provide ball guests with the opportunity to dance in some of the most glamorous locations.


These events carry the splendour and spirit of Vienna into the world.


As Mayor and Governor of Vienna, I would like to wish all international ball organisers every success and all guests unforgettable ball nights filled with verve and joy!



Michael Ludwig
Mayor and Governor of Vienna